Trex 700L Dominator Spares

Trex 700L Dominator Spares

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102T M1 Helical Autorotation Tail Drive Gear Set [H70G012XXT]

Instruction: ●Use for T-REX 700X/700E/800E.●Brand new low drive gear ratio with high strength and we..

£22.75 Ex Tax: £18.96

106 Carbon Fiber Tail Blade [HQ1060A]

Instruction: ●Use for T-REX 700.●Brand new tail blade designed to sustain optimal tail locking perfo..

£22.00 Ex Tax: £18.33

700 Metal Tail Rotor Holder [H70T001XXT]

Instruction:     ●Use for T-REX 700N/700E/800E。 ●Dual radial bearing with thrust bearing d..

£20.00 Ex Tax: £16.67

700E PRO Carbon Vertical Stabilizer - White [H70T007XXW]

Instruction:     ●Use for T-REX 700E/700N ●T-REX 700E new style stabilizer brings you whol..

£20.00 Ex Tax: £16.67

700FL Main Shaft Set [H70H003XXT]

Instruction:     ●Must with 700FL Flybarless Rotor Head System(H70H002XXW)、700 Newly Main..

£16.00 Ex Tax: £13.33

700N DFC Carbon Fiber Tail Boom [H7NT003XXT]

Instruction:    Specification: ●Use for T-REX 700. ●Must with H7NT004XXW 700N DFC To..

£24.00 Ex Tax: £20.00

CNC Slant Thread Main Drive Gear/110T [H70G008AXT]

Instruction:●Use for T-REX 700E/800E.●Highly enhance structural strength, effectively increase the t..

£25.00 Ex Tax: £20.83

CNC Slant Thread Main Drive Gear/112T [H70G002AXT]

Instruction:●Sutable for T-REX 700E / 800E.●Highly enhance structural strength, effectively increase..

£25.00 Ex Tax: £20.83

F5-10M Thrust Bearing [HN6125]

Instruction:     ●Use for T-REX 550E/600E/600N/700E/700N Specification: ●Thrust bearing F..

£7.00 Ex Tax: £5.83

Thrust Bearing Set [HN7003]

Instruction:     ●Use for T-REX 700 Nitro Pro / 700E . Specification: ●Thrust bearing F10..

£7.00 Ex Tax: £5.83

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